Friday, January 25, 2013

Why I Want to Move to Portland

Imagine, one day you wake up and you realize... "I live in Upstate New York."

Surrounded by farmlands and natural beauty you are quickly sucked into the type of aesthetic 19th Century novelists dreamt of. However if you are like me and you have lived among the sprawling corn fields and post-industrial ruins, wearing vintage for your whole life, you may have realized that you were alone.

It isn't that I am unable to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me or the ability to scour amazing antique malls. It is just that feeling of being alone, the type of sinking feeling one might have when realizing no one else can see their imaginary friend.

So sometimes I dream of moving to Portland, and this is a list of why...

1. Um.....What?!? There is a real estate agent devoted solely to mid-century homes. Amazing!

2. Twist & Play vintage Vespa scooter club: A vintage Vespa scooter club? Count me in! 

3. Atomic Ranch Magazine: Published in Portland, Atomic Ranch promises to:

"Atomic Ranch celebrates midcentury houses—from 1940s ranch tracts to 1960s architect-designed modernist homes. With an emphasis on affordable solutions and homeowner renovations, our quarterly magazine shows you how to make your house cool, both inside and out."

4. Vintage Clothing: You had to know that this would be on the list, right? With so many vintage clothing stores/dealers in the Portland area the shopping would be spectacular. Where there are vintage shops there are vintage ladies dressed in their finery. So many of my fellow Etsy shops peddling Mid-Century vintage wares are from the Portland area. Twila Jean Vintage and Fab Gabs come to mind right away. 

5. Tiki Bars: I know that this may come as a surprise, but there are no tiki bars in Upstate New York...None that I am aware of at least. This is the amazing Hale Pele tiki bar. 

6. Fun Vintage Friends: I am lucky enough to have some very nice friends, but our interests and hobbies are light years apart. It would be amazing to have a group of friends who would be interested in vintage picnics, cocktail parties and flick nights. Check out this amazing 1938 picnic hosted by the talented Solanah of Vixen Vintage. Any takers out there in upstate?


  1. I love Portland. I also dream (is it dreaming if you plan on making it the future?) about moving to the great northwest. I didn't know Portland had that much ranch-style houses. I thought that's what we, Californians, were known for. I love Portland for it's vintage craftsman. I've been in a few in Portland they are so quaint and oozing vintage charm. We do have lots of craftsman here in LA, but they have a different vibe (and are a bit bigger) than Portland. Oops I have blabbered on. That's what happens when I talk about homes.

    1. Oh, you are definitely not alone! I could talk about houses for ever. I had no idea that Portland had so many Mid Century homes either or that there was such a vintage scene there. I started to wonder why it seemed like there were so many vintage sellers from that area and after a little searching found that there is this huge scene. I definitely envy the west coast at times.

      I suppose that moving to Portland could be a possibility in the future. I was just recently married and my SO and I are def open to anything.