Monday, August 15, 2011

Day at the Races

I am a huge fan of horses and vintage hats so when my boyfriend suggested that we spend our weekend in Saratoga Springs I was super excited! I was so surprised that fashion at the track was just as important or more important than the horses. We spent our time in the club, the reserved seating area of the track designated for horse owners and other master's of the trade. Here New England fashions ruled. Nautically themed navy blue jackets for men and smart tailored skirts, tops, and sweaters for women. Dotting the sea of heads all one could see were hats, vintage inspired hats perfect for a day at the races.

The track opened in 1864, a feat that surprised me given the importance of the war at the time. Here is a magazine drawing of ladies at the Saratoga track in the 1860s

All in all we had a great time exploring the different levels of the track and placing our economical bets on horses with names like "Clip the Coupons" and "Hysterical Cat" (And winning!). As a vegetarian and animal rights activist I am undecided concerning horse racing, but I did enjoy our leisurely day at the track.

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