Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Love List

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. In high school students would sell carnations or chocolates in the cafeteria during our lunch period. The popularity of female students could be seen in the number of flowers or Hershey Kiss hearts they carried through the halls. 

As I have matured I have developed a begrudging fondness for Valentine's Day. I love the kitschy cute vintage Valentines that grace the counters at antique shops and the fussy over decorated Valentine candy boxes of decades past. But what about V Day in 2013? What is a modern girl with a vintage heart to do? 

Somewhere in my subconscious I have this desire for the perfect Valentine's Day- cocktails, dinner, romance,  and maybe even a little gift? So I decided to create a Love List for Valentine's Day. It is close enough to the date now that I will not have to worry about a certain Mr. Liu feeling pressured.  

Of course I feel that the best gifts are always handmade. (And usually the most thoughtful) 

1. African Violet: Who wouldn't love more plants?
  2. Tissue Pouch: Anyone who knows me knows that I use a lot of tissues!
 3. Love Note Tea Bags: A sweet personalized romantic gesture


  1. Adorable blog- I love the vintage Valentines finds! Thanks so much for including our cup in your roundup.